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YT--SOUTHAMPTON 1*20gp 3-26cls 现舱

The group is next to Qingdao harbor with great geographically position. We can provide customers with prompt logistic information. We have professional team for inspection declaration and Customs declaration to provide customers with the latest commodity inspection and Customs’ regraulation and prompt service. Several large vehicle companies are cooperating with us to provide land carriage service of bulk cargo and containers. ...



• 提供空、海、陆多式联运服务
• 提供进出口报关、清关、转关、商检、卫检、动植物检验检疫、机场地面操作及空运和陆运监管运输服务
• 提供包机、鲜活、特种及保税货物运输服务
• 提供空运货物的即时信息跟踪及反馈服务
• 遍布世界各地的合作网络
• 最具竞争性的价格和稳定的航班舱位