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is a booking agent for shipping companies such as MSK, SAF, MSC, ONE, EMC, HMM, WHL, KMTC, SITC and airlines such as CX, EY, CA, CK, TK, EK, and is familiar with major ships The information, requirements and restrictions of the dangerous goods booking by the company and airlines can save customers' booking time and reduce the booking cost with professional operations.

  The company has served perennially in the fields of lithium batteries and new energy, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and fertilizers, fine chemicals, paints and coatings, special gases, refrigerants, water treatment and other hazardous chemicals, and has accumulated a lot of industry operation experience and customer groups. We can tailor reasonable, professional and humanized international logistics solutions according to the different requirements of different customer groups and the different properties of the products.
can offer you additionally a multi-modular arrangement, which implies we offer more than one stop benefit, most of the time, air and ocean and in different cases the air, ocean, and road.

The multi-modular way is the most widely the most popular multi-modular arrangement (modular truck with pickup and conveyance). We are mainly committed to ship your goods without delays, ensuring security and traceability.

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As a matter of first importance, we will be satisfied to meet you or exchange information by email and cell phone to gather information about the weight, volume, pickup address and conveyances, to give you a detailed and suited full quotation.小批量或大批量,我们提供一切!

我们为您制定了最适合您的商品的路线,在最安全的基础设施上运输您的商品 。

泰国的项目货物 – 如何运送超大件物品?

备注 Docshipper:例如,车辆或工业机械的运输有时可能需要在泰国使用某些道路。对于这种规模的车辆,仍有一些路线过于狭窄、脆弱或损坏。要了解有关我们的项目货运服务的更多信息,请查看我们的专用页面: 运送超大物品。企业理念 IDEA


5S服务理念标准:专业、标准、诚挚、满意、协同, 为客户提供专业而不失诚挚、快捷简单而不失标准的高效协同的产品化服务!


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